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Quantum Leap Productions is a full service corporate production company...WITH A TWIST. Sure, we make business meetings, training sessions and corporate videos more exciting and effective. That's our job, and we take it very seriously.

Our mission is to help corporations communicate vital information in memorable and effective ways! Wait a second...that's what every corporate production company does, right? Well, most every production company says they do...The difference is how we actually do it!

First, our extensive business background allows us to understand your business goals so that we can develop a strategic communication format for your meeting. All of Quantum Leap's principals come from extensive careers in the traditional business world. Add to that, these ex-Senior Vice Presidents and National Sales and Negotiating Trainers are Directors, Writers, and Actors as well, and therein lies our "secret formula."

We look at every production from the audience's point of view...what would engage them...what would interest them...what would entertain and honor them. Once we have researched your corporate culture and people, we then incorporate management's message into a unique format. It could be a Custom Musical Comedy, a parody of Saturday Night Live or Star Trek; or the hottest TV show or film. And we bring the same creative team to our video production as well, so whatever medium is at play, our clients get the absolute best in creative and innovative productions. Nothing...and we mean NOTHING is "off the shelf"...it's all created from the ground up, just for you! Besides being totally dedicated to and made up of your corporate messages, these productions are wildly entertaining! The result is that your audience listens, remembers, and then acts on your message. Our clients overwhelmingly agree that utilizing a Quantum Leap solution adds a far greater walk-away value to their meetings.

Dennis Ford
President / Owner
William Davis
Owner / Lead Editor
Kristin Atwell
Producer / Writer
Misty Walter
Editor / Motion Graphics Designer
Teri Morrison
Business Operations Manager
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