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So, you want sports, sports, and just for fun, more sports? Well, we've got the team building event for you!
The QLP All Star Sports Challenge consists of 12 different events, and is guaranteed to get everyone in the game regardless of skill level. For example, the pitching and football events aren't for speed and distance, they're for accuracy, and anyone can excel in our "Hoop Dreams" basketball challenge and Sports Trivia. Every event is designed so the non-jocks will have just as much fun and success as the ex-collegiate athlete.
Your participants will be put into teams to compete in all 12 timed events: football, baseball, hockey, golf, soccer, dodgeball, basketball and more. At the end of the evening all members of the team with the highest cumulative score win a gold medal!
• Encourages teamwork and brainstorming
• Promotes positive competition
• Emphasizes strategic planning
• Strengthens positive team attitude
• Stimulates team decision making
• Encourages time management
• Builds team spirit and sportsmanship
• Provides entertainment, excitement, and relationship
   building for every single person
This event can easily travel to any location nationwide. Duration of the show is between 1-2 hours, with minimal prep time for the client. Prices do not include basic sound package or travel expenses if outside the Phoenix area.
• Professional Actor as your Host/Sports Director
• 12 custom sports events and courses
• 12 event facilitators
• Management of event by QLP staff
• Event signage
• 1st place medals awarded to the team
   with the highest cumulative score
• Events List: Dodgeball, Hoop Dreams,
   Quarterback Challenge, Remote Control
   Dune Buggy Race, Slap Shot, Skateboard
   Relay, Long Jump, Soccer Challenge,
   Pitcher This, Sports Trivia, Putting Challenge,
   Bat-Around T-Ball
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