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If it's diversity you seek and a super fun team building event that challenges a wide range of skill sets, then you can't beat the QLP Cerebral Olympic Games!
So, how is this "Olympic" event different? Well, first of all it tests your brain, not your brawn! Yes, it's a Cerebral Olympics: Wonders of the Ancient World, History of Music, and much more - including a couple of sports events for your hardcore athletes. Your participants will be divided into teams and compete in all 12 Olympic themed events. Every team will rotate through each of the challenges, and gold medals will be awarded to the team with the highest cumulative score. The Cerebral Olympic Games provide a specialty topic for everyone, and best of all, everyone competes. So, let the "Games" begin!
• Encourages teamwork and brainstorming
• Promotes positive competition
• Emphasizes strategic planning
• Strengthens positive team attitude
• Stimulates team decision making
• Encourages time management
• Builds team spirit and camaraderie
• Provides entertainment, excitement, and
   relationship-building for every participant
This event can easily travel to any location nationwide. Duration of the show is between 1-2 hours, with minimal prep time for the client. Prices do not include basic sound package or travel expenses if outside the Phoenix area.
• Professional Actor as the Head of your
   Olympic Committee
• 12 custom-designed cerebral and athletic events
• 12 event facilitators
• Management of event by QLP staff
• Event signage
• Gold medals awarded to the team with the
   highest cumulative score
• Olympic Events List: Chariot Relay, Logic Vault,
   Memory Marathon, Trump the Parthenon,
   Tune-a-Thon, Olympic Triad, Art History
   Hurdles, Wonders of the Ancient World,
   and more...
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