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So, do you have some training to do? With QLP you'll make it the most effective and engaging training you've ever implemented!

If a Sales, Negotiating, or Human Resources trainer only describes a behavior it has meaning but, frankly, not much. When the visualization of a behavior is left to the imagination of the people being trained, there is no guarantee that they will "get it", much less learn, retain, and implement the desired behavior.

When your training material is literally brought to life by talented actors in an entertaining and VERY honest video, or on-stage at a live meeting, it will take on a whole new meaning and impact. To accomplish this Quantum Leap Productions first analyzes your training materials and curriculum. Next, we research your company, industry, products, the desired outcome and, most importantly, the lives of your people-the ones being trained. Then, we create dramatic and/or comedic material, either live or on video, that illustrates both the behaviors you want to change and the desired behaviors you want your people to embrace.

Imagine all your training material brought to life, and the power and impact of having your people see exactly what their lives are like depicted in training videos or sketches. We make real the traits and behaviors you most want them to learn...all in tightly scripted and produced material. Whether in dramatic vignettes or more like Saturday Night Live, QLP training videos and live training sketches are guaranteed to accomplish a couple of vitally important things:

ONE: It will reinforce your training material...making it real, memorable, and compelling.

TWO: It will be highly entertaining, ensuring your trainees rapt attention and increased retention.

Here's what a few of our clients have said:

"The training was a huge success...your actors were amazing...material right on."

"Best meeting ever...tackled serious issues...front and center, but with humor...huge impact!"

FACT: We remember most what we see and hear.

FACT: If something is entertaining (like your training material) people will remember it.

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