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Come on, admit it - you really do miss those summer days on the miniature golf course, don't you! Well, it's time to tee it up again with the QLP Corporate Classic Mini Golf event, where every hole is a creative masterpiece. That's right, because you and your team design and build your very own unique golf hole as part of the "Corporate Classic" course.
To build their golf holes, your teams will have access to the wildest selection of "raw materials" and construction items you've ever seen. Use your imagination and you're still not there! You won't believe the array of wacky items teams can choose from to design and build their golf hole. Once construction is completed it's time to compete. Every person on every team plays, and prizes will be awarded for most creative hole design and the best team score.
• Encourages teamwork and brainstorming
• Promotes positive competition
• Inspires creativity and resourcefulness
• Emphasizes strategic planning
• Strengthens communication
• Enhances team leadership
• Delineates roles and responsibilities
• Encourages time management
• Builds team spirit
• Provides entertainment, excitement, fun and
   relationship building for every participant
This event can easily travel to any location nationwide. Duration of the show is between 1-2 hours, with minimal prep time for the client. Prices do not include basic sound package or travel expenses if outside the Phoenix area.
• Professional Actor as Tournament Director
• Design package for each team, including
   basic construction materials
• "Pro Shop" stocked with an amazing array
   of custom building materials
• Custom event banner
• Quantum Leap staff as Course Marshals
• Golf balls and putters
• Medals for members of each winning team:
   - Best Score
   - Most Creative Hole Design
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