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A consistent hit with groups that want big action, lots of competition, and the chance to heave a ball at each other (albeit a light nerf-type ball...no worries, it's very safe). Imagine a large ballroom set with 8 to 12 Dodgeball courts. Your group is divided into teams of 6 to 8 players and the ultimate Dodgeball Challenge is on! The format is round-robin tournament play, so every team plays every other team - no eliminations. There's a 5-minute time limit per match, then a rotation to the next court and match.
Think you know your favorite song by heart? Think you can name most any song from just the lyrics? How well do you really know your favorite artists and bands? Find out when you play "Name That Tune," as teams compete to come up with lyrics, identify artists and bands, answer music trivia questions, and of course..."Name That Tune." Best of all, everyone plays!
You want real racing? Well forget Le Mans, Daytona, and Indy, because your participants will custom-build their very own "soapbox racers" and propel themselves around the RRCRR Motor Speedway! Teamwork and creativity are the keys to this event, because all cars are made from scratch, not from a kit. Team members first work together to provide the race car design plans. Next, they go "shopping" for supplies at the RRCRR "parts store" where they'll find raw materials - wood, axles, wheels, PVC, hardware, and tools to build and decorate their own race cars. Once construction of these unique race cars is completed, drivers, pit crews, and CPPs (car propulsion providers) take the track and the Rickety Race Car Relay Rally gets the green flag!
"Lights, Camera, Action!" is what you will hear when your attendees get together in teams to create their own Video Commercial based on your current business objectives, products, or a topic strictly for fun. The goal is for each team to conceive, script, and film a one-minute video commercial utilizing their talents as producers, writers, directors, and actors. The participants will develop their ideas into actual scripts, rehearse, select costumes and props from the "Back Lot" wardrobe shop, and finally...shoot their commercials! After the shoot our professional QLP editors will edit all commercials to a master. The final edited compilation can transform an evening dinner into an "MTV Awards Night" where each video is premiered and can even be voted on by a panel of judges.
We all know "Minute To Win It" is about the hottest new game show on TV. It's wild, wacky, unpredictable, exciting and Big, Big Fun. But it's only on TV...Right? Until now! Brought to you by those creative gurus at QLP is your own Corporate Team Building version called "In It To Win It".
You may have noticed on the TV show, only one contestant competes at a time, but not so with QLP's "In It To Win It". EVERY member of EVERY team competes in EVERY event - 15 of them in all! Up to 500 people! Orchestrated chaos? You bet!...but what a blast! Your folks will be broken into teams and compete in the wildest events since...well, since EVER!
If you've seen the show, you know what these competitive challenges look like...if not, well, get ready because it's totally wild and amazing fun. No agenda here but to team up, compete and have a great time! Oh, and of course...TO WIN IT! The list of potential challenges is huge, and you pick the 15 events you like the best. And, the coolest part? Anyone, any age, and any demographic can compete, and win! This event really is for EVERYBODY!
How about a Team Building event that is multi-layered, challenging, diverse, wildly creative and meaningful, with social relevance, corporate relevance and customer/client relevance? Oh...and it's HUGE FUN!
Building Bridges has got all that and more. We ask every team to conceive, design and build the strongest, most durable, functional and best engineered bridge possible, out of very lightweight and ordinary items...all in 2 hours. There is no "kit" or template...it's creatively wide open; Truss bridges, suspension bridges, arch bridges or anything else your folks can think of. It's all about working together to build a bridge that will support as much weight as possible. That's how we determine the winning bridge and team.
So, it's all about how well we work with others to achieve effective solutions...in essence, building bridges to one another, to corporate leadership, to our customers and clients (get the metaphor)...and in this case, by literally...building bridges. For up to 500 people, this event really shows you how your people work together to creatively solve problems, and come up with effective solutions.
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