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Since it is a given that very few people actually remember anything said in a traditional "speech," we have come up with an amazing solution to this "information gap." Keeping in mind, it's not the fault of the message that it doesn't get remembered, it's the fault of the delivery! So, we don't change your message, but we radically change the delivery system. When your message is part of a story line in a full scale musical, with script, lyrics and music all about the attendees, the information becomes very memorable and compelling! But don't take our word for it, here's testimonial proof that utilizing theatre to make any information compelling really works, and it's more powerful than you can imagine.

More than 35 Custom Musical Productions
CLIENT ISSUES: Product Introductions; Corporate Merger; Restructuring; Introducing Growth Strategies and even "Downsizing."
RESULTS: "Unbelievably successful...A hit every time!"

More than 25 Custom Musical Productions
CLIENT ISSUES: New Product Introductions; Living Up To Customer Expectations; Realignment of Territories; and Changing Internal Job Descriptions.
RESULTS: "Makes every business meeting a 'goose bump' experience!"

8 Custom Musical Productions
CLIENT ISSUES: Highlight the necessity to achieve new and aggressive levels of customer satisfaction; and create worldwide operational excellence.
RESULTS: "Energy, humor, insight...WOW, absolutely outstanding!"

2 National Meetings - 6 Custom Musical Productions
CLIENT ISSUES: New Product Introductions; New Customer Service Standards; and Franchisee Training and Development.
RESULTS: "Franchisees loved it...a standing ovation every show!"

2 National Managers Meetings - 4 Custom Musical Productions
CLIENT ISSUES: New Emphasis on In-Store Customer Experience; New Product Introductions; and National Marketing Campaign.
RESULTS: "Made all the difference in the world...hilarious and relevant!"

We run out of space before we run out of clients who have totally embraced the Custom Message Musical!

FACT: We remember stories, films,
and plays...we don't remember speeches.

FACT: Make your message entertaining
and people will remember it.

FACT: Corporate Award events are greatly
enhanced by music, song and comedy (that's
why every Awards show does it!)

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